September 26, 2020

4 important notes to help you learn basic Japanese communication effectively

Nowadays, self-study of basic Japanese communication has become a lot easier with the help of current technology and the growing global connection of the Internet.

When learning basic Japanese communication skills, practice pronunciation very well.

As one of the 3 solid foundations of the process of learning conversational Japanese, you should learn proper pronunciation from the beginning. If not, even if they use the right words or grammar, others cannot understand what you are saying. At the same time you can not hear and understand all the native speakers because they pronounce correctly, and you do not. So instead of trying to speak quickly, speak fluently, you need to learn to speak correctly, speak correctly first.

If you learn basic Japanese communication yourself, start by learning and practicing the correct reading of each letter. Don’t just study the meaning of the word carefully, but read the phonetic transcription carefully by looking up the dictionary, listening and reread several times to practice the correct pronunciation. The online dictionary lookup page has both the phonetic and the pronunciation of the native language for you to learn very handy right. 

Without speaking practice, you will not be able to communicate in Japanese

This is an unwritten rule but is true for almost every language in every situation. Of course, in order to communicate, you have to go through a long process of learning and practicing, not overnight and there is no better way to improve your listening and speaking skills than in real practice. a lot of

Listening and speaking together, so you can combine it through listening to it over and over and imitating how to read both in pronunciation and intonation. This will help you improve your listening reflex and get used to speaking Japanese much more effectively.

Many people who learn Japanese communicate by standing in front of a mirror, talking to themselves, chatting, talking on Skype with them often; or find a true foreign friend … If you do this, you have shortened the distance to Japanese quite a lot already.

Constantly expanding Japanese vocabulary.

It can be inferred that your daily communication language is Vietnamese so that listening and speaking fluently as well as learning Japanese with basic communication more effectively will require you to have a good vocabulary. Rich and used at the right time and right place. A Japanese vocabulary can have many meanings, used in different contexts. Therefore, the principle of effective vocabulary learning is learning in phrases, not single words as many people are still applying. In addition, you can also divide vocabulary into different topics, put in different contexts to systematically and easily remember.

Putting the vocabulary you just learned right into a complete sentence, using that word as much as possible, so putting them in context, communicating as much as possible is one of the best ways to help you memorize quickly and more than that know how to manipulate reality

My effort when learning basic Japanese communication

Self-study in general and especially communication, the determination, effort, determination and self-discipline of the learners play a very important role. You need to focus, practice a lot and especially not be impatient, burn the stage but have to improve and accumulate gradually over a long period of time, so you should break down into short-term and long-term goals. Step by step to conquer the short-term goals Overcoming these initial challenges, you will find a little more achievement, excitement and motivation and eventually realize your dream of conquering Japanese.

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