September 26, 2020

5 methods of thinking that awaken creativity

There are a number of views that: new employees need creativity. Indeed, if the work that has creative elements will help you develop and be more successful. A creative teacher will never lack good methods to impart knowledge to students most effectively. Of course, a good student cannot lack thinking ability, but not all of you have the thinking method to stimulate and awaken your creativity.

1. You dare to think dare to do, not rely on

If you depend on it, it will make you slow, backward, do not want to brainstorm when there are difficulties, pressure in learning but dare not identify to solve the problem. Thus, the ability to think and create will gradually disappear and you will become passive, without your own creations. Allow yourself to be energetic and decisive in solving any problem, whether difficult or easy, do not hide your creativity, otherwise a friend will become passive, without political opinions and experiences. Interesting experience for yourself.

2. Refer and read many different information and topics

In order to consolidate knowledge in each subject, we usually only study materials related to our study. Instead, you can find books that you wouldn’t normally “absorb”. This will produce many new ideas that may come from seemingly unrelated things

3. Sometimes the rules need to be broken

If you are conservative with old-fashioned principles, only dare to follow a familiar path forever, then you are losing your ability to think creatively every second and every minute. Dare to challenge yourself with new breakthroughs in learning as well as in life, of course, inevitably at times when new ideas get worse. Be dare to think and dare to do, it is a very good way to help you train your thinking, creativity and have more breakthrough ideas in learning.

4. Practicing thinking through exercises “brain damage”

You can join your classmates through a competition to solve a tough exercise. However, before that, you agree to take a topic to have an argument and bring out the views of each person. You can find many ways to solve it, and list all your ideas, to know how great your breakthroughs are. It is important that you persevere in practicing, you will be able to understand your thinking.

5. Don’t think negatively when having trouble

Academic career is always a top priority when we are still in school. It may seem like it is quite simple to go to school by the end of the day, actually there are dozens of difficulties surrounding it, but you cannot let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Because worry is not a way to help you solve problems faster, it will reduce your ability to think, create and solve problems. Keep the spirit calm, lucid then you will think of ways to solve difficulties right away. Grandparents have the saying “in the difficult to be nothing”.

Therefore, in order to have innovative ideas, we need to have positive thinking methods that will help us explore, discover and come closer to success.

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