September 26, 2020


1.Talk to your child about school activities:

Children will be nagged when they are reminded of learning. Therefore, to encourage your baby’s spirit, talk to your child about new school activities to create curiosity and excitement. Or parents can use gentle words to encourage children, such as: “Your baby is going to school soon. Going to school, I will meet teachers, friends, learning and playing … ”will help your child to strengthen his psychology and be more interested in school.

2.Recalling the old and new friends:

Do your parents know: Children love going to school because they see friends. If at home he only has a few friends in the same area, or just playing with grandparents and parents. At school, he will have classmates, the same age, the same hobbies and the lessons and play together. So parents can talk to their children about friends who will help them to have unforgettable memories and moments at school. Surely, I will be excited to tell my parents about my friends and happy moments at Kindergarten.

3. Schedule a time to take your child to the school:

Spending time with your child at school before he or she is ready for the school year will help him feel familiar, and parents should not forget to remind the children of happy lessons with friends and teachers. Inevitably, your child will be interested and told you a lot of things at school, helping him / her to familiarize with the learning environment so that he or she will feel more secure and confident when attending the school year.

4. Discuss topics and subjects that children love

Talk and talk with your child about the topics he or she has learned while at school and the topics they are about to learn. At Blue Sky, your happy lessons are updated at Fanpage, so please take advantage of, let your children review these images, so that they feel excited and want to go to school again.

       5. Celebrate your child’s academic achievement

In addition to the words of encouragement and encouragement, do not forget to celebrate the achievements of the children. The compliment at the right time will work immediately, you will see the children will study hard and look forward to coming back to school soon.

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