September 26, 2020

5 things to think about for English teachers

There are teachers who attend refresher courses, trainings, and seminars because they are forced to. Many teachers who have achieved the required competency standards feel satisfied with that result; for them, it was the final destination and they did not move forward.

Moreover, some teachers are not yet equipped with information technology knowledge and skills. Often, older, more experienced teachers are more afraid of technology. This makes it difficult for students to apply information technology into teaching.

Think about teaching and self-improvement

Every devoted teacher always thinks about his teaching method to see how the methods work. In this way, they will adjust teaching techniques and make changes to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes.

Only when teachers raise their own level can they attract learners. By doing this, they will have many advantages, trusted by the learners, respected, recognized by their colleagues in the locality and possibly the whole country or the world.

Equipping themselves with knowledge and skills in information technology

Without a doubt, information technology knowledge and skills are indispensable in this day and age. In every aspect of life, the internet and technology equipment have been used. Teaching and learning are no exception.

Previously, a good teacher did not necessarily have information technology skills. Today, however, this skill has become an integral part of teacher competence.

While waiting for training courses organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training, English teachers can learn the basics of using the Internet to find resources, use computers or mobile phones, control. devices such as projectors, object projectors, interactive boards, exploiting the available software.

They will surely realize that knowledge and skills in information technology will be useful as they make the work easier and make the lesson more interesting.

Maintain linguistic competence

Teachers should be aware that they are independent, lifelong learners. As things are constantly changing and progressing, there will always be new trends, new research, and new discoveries in every field.

If teachers stop learning, it means they will be left behind. Their right choice will lead to corresponding results, or their knowledge and skills will wear out over time or their expertise will become increasingly skilled.

Take advantage of available resources and seize every opportunity

The internet has become popular and accessible almost everywhere (except for some difficult rural areas). Along with it, a variety of resources are provided at various sites.

Many of these resources are shared for free. Teachers should make the most of. In addition to those abundant resources, there are training courses and teaching forums.

English teachers can take advantage of online seminars, courses, and expert exchanges. Another option is to join an online teaching community.

In short, the opportunities available are numerous and it is the teacher who decides whether to seize them.

Application of new trends in teaching foreign languages ​​English

English teachers need to keep abreast of new innovations and trends in English language teaching. One way to do this is to attend conferences and seminars.

In addition, because theory and practice must go hand in hand, teachers should try to apply new methods and techniques to their teaching. A mere theory does not work.

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