August 4, 2020

6 best ways to learn online not everyone knows

Today, online learning is increasingly popular and becoming a modern method that is popular with many people. However, not everyone knows the best way to learn online to take advantage of the Internet. Antoree would like to share with you the methods and skills to achieve the best effect in online learning so that you can gain more experience for yourself.

1. Having self-discipline and high determination

Online learning is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you will be free, no supervising teachers reminded nor pressure grades. But on the other hand, if you’re lazy, relying on others, you’re probably not ready to learn online. These two factors are not only the best way of learning online, but also other ways of learning. And if you feel you’re ready to learn online, why not shake hands right away? Start with this new online learning method.

2. Always prepare the lesson

To be able to grasp the new lesson more closely and keep up with the teachers, you should review the lesson outline and grasp the main content by rewinding Video, for example. Since you can’t ask teachers for things you don’t understand, make sure you know what you’re learning! Moreover, you can browse through many Youtube channels with many views to choose the lecture of the teacher that you think works best for you!

Online learning offers the opportunity to fully develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at the same time.

Online learning offers the opportunity to fully develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at the same time.

3. Set specific goals

In order to get things done well, you need to set the right destination for you especially when you are struggling to find the best ways to learn online. Are you studying at excellent or weak level? Do you want a 5 or a 10? It is very important because at each stage there will be learning styles, methods and of course, different lectures. Each time setting such a goal, you define your direction, time and effort as well as money.

4. Studying online is like learning on school

Many people believe that if you do not understand, you can watch the video again, but the fact is that you will not bother to review and forget all the knowledge you have learned because it is only a temporary memory. The best way is to record the main content and highlight the ideas that the teacher emphasized for easy review later. In addition to making online learning more effective, you should stop the video and do the homework of the teachers, and at the same time busy downloading the following free English software to help you learn online really well. Please! Don’t just take notes and remember that the Internet is always harmful, so focus on your studies and avoid distractions on the pointless!

5. Don’t ignore health factors

The spirit of comfort is high in productivity, which is what everyone knows. So, start studying when you are at your best! In addition, do not force your body too much, it will have a negative effect on your health and spirit, and remember to eat moderately and have a reasonable lifestyle.

6. Practice, practice and practice

The last but also the most important step is the “practice” step or rather the application of the knowledge you have learned into the exercise or, better yet, the actual one. There is no need to say too much about the impact of training. Mastering knowledge more actively, memorizing the main idea of ​​the lesson … Regular practice is the most important step in the best online learning methods because you are the masters of your knowledge as well as your learning.

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