September 26, 2020

6 effective group study principles that help your child learn well

Studying in a group is one of the effective learning methods to help your child study well. But not all students know how to “run” the group well. The following article will guide you about how to study in groups.

Define goals and plans for the whole group

What does the student need to identify as a group study? Because many students go to group work but it doesn’t work. Because you guys come to chat and play. Therefore, students need to identify together learning, helping each other learn better. From there, the children need to develop a learning plan for each session. By following your goals and plans, you will achieve academic results. In addition, I also trained a lot of skills. That is teamwork skills, study time management, planning …

Choose the right learning method for the whole group

One of the most important things to help improve your academic performance and get better at studying is to have a good learning method. Through the exchange of experiences, you will find the best learning method for the whole group. Sometimes the children should change different learning methods such as mind map, visual model, practical experience, … so that the learning process is renewed, not boring.

Respect and solidarity

Each person has different personalities and thoughts so debate often occurs. Even many groups still have heated controversy affecting the relationship. Therefore, the children need to know how to control their ego, listen and respect the differences of their peers. From there, the new children come up with the most optimal solution.

Compliance with discipline

Keeping discipline in a group is extremely important. Each person must have a sense of compliance, follow the plan and goals set by the group. For example, if the group sets specific dates and times, students need to do it correctly. If everyone comes to a lesson, it will make group study time less. Not only that, one latecomer will affect the psychology and time of the other. This will affect the effectiveness of group study that day.

Put together ideas to help you learn better

During the lesson, children need to raise their opinions. Debating and settling together will be good for you all. Speaking ideas helps children practice critical skills. Thus, studying in groups helps children become good at knowledge and skills. From there, you can be more confident in life.

Combining learning and entertainment

Instead of constantly racing with learning to do better, students need to mix classes as fun activities. You can share stories in life together. Or your child can organize outdoor activities to get their body moving. Open space and exercise will help children relax after stressful study time. Besides, it also helps the group to understand each other and be more united.

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