September 26, 2020

Amazon Web Services Announces ‘Secret Area’ for US Intelligence

If you want to challenge the top cloud infrastructure vendors, you will need some serious deep pockets. According to the latest data from Synergy Research, cloud spending has hit a record $ 27 billion (£ 20.1 billion) in the most recent quarter, and that number has grown considerably over time previous time. The cost of increasing cloud hyperscaler spending will double in the first quarter, suggesting Synergy

The top spenders in the industry are always names that are expected by consumers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, with Alibaba, IBM,, NTT and Tencent, among them top 10 Enterprises.

Google has kicked off this quarter by announcing plans to expand its infrastructure with a variety of facilities to meet the growing demand, including five new data center areas and three underground cables. Two of these areas – in the Netherlands and Montreal – have opened the business with specific plans for expansion and expansion as planned with the Swiss expansion plan announced by Google earlier this month. Microsoft’s expansion plans for Azure this quarter include Australia and New Zealand, as well as Europe and the Middle East with high expectations for new directions.

Amazon Web Services Announces ‘Secret Area’ for US Intelligence

Amazon’s consumer Web site is dedicated to selling all products to the public, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to store all data for all services and includes the United States Intelligence Community. That’s why this week Amazon announced a new area added to AWS called AWS Secret Zone.

It targets the intelligence community in general and the US government in particular.It will be provided through C2S and will be able to handle workloads up to US classified security using the cloud. Aerial of the Amazon cloud. Amazon has provided AWS Top Secret Area to the United States government, named (in case you did not guess) AWS Top Secret Region.

By using the AWS Secret Area, governments have access to the data and large data archives available through AWS while retaining strict control over access to all. people. And when the U.S. government contracts on a regular basis, reliable and reputable partners can be given temporary access to the areas of the Confidential Area and follow the requirements and reservations from anywhere in the world.

Amazon is keen to point out the variety of access AWS provides, with Teresa Carlson, vice president, Amazon Public Services Worldwide Public Sector, “AWS now provides the US intelligence community with exceptional capabilities. It’s the latest technology and the flexibility to quickly scale up with tasks. “

Of course, Amazon will not receive any customers for the AWS Secret Zone if it is not secured. With that in mind, the Secret Area will be recognized for security compliance under the Intelligent Community Directive (DNI) Directive of the Smart Communities Directive (ICD 503) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ) 4.50 “

Anyone working in the intelligence community who has used the AWS Top Secret Region will feel at home but in the Secret Zone programmed before.

The average adult spent more than $ 13 billion – one quarter last year – but combined spending in the first quarter of this year has grown to more than $ 20 billion, and this is also a desirable figure in what to expect.

It is all about speculation for the accumulation of campaigns that attract from the outside.The latest financial results of the prophets, published last month, saw strong year-round growth. According to Synergy data, Amazon continues to hold more than 30% of the market and always has a strong position in the market, ahead of Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba.

Other trends will be promoted here. Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services announced that Verizon has selected Seattle as its preferred cloud provider, once and for all cloud operators, for the first time. The acquisition of Terremark in 2011 before the service was sold to IBM last year showed tremendous power from leading businesses.

“This helps explain why so many IT service providers and telcos have stopped trying to compete or put pressure on leading cloud service providers for their experience and expertise. Their huge resources are too big and enough to make them safe, “said John Dinsdale, an analyst and research director. At Synergy, explain. Companies striving for leadership in this market need to constantly find billions of dollars each quarter to cover their data center investments, information security issues, and clear companies. Small will not be able to surpass all possibilities with a very large number. “

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